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In the American grocery you can find literally everything!

What raises the curiosity and astonishment of foreigners, and what is completely “normal” and most often bought by Americans?

I decided to go on a “trip to the store” in order to find the most “strange” food products.

Due to the fact that there are so many of them and it is impossible to say about them in one entry, I decided to create a series of entries from the series “In the American store”.

This entry will be about MOST STRANGE  FOODS FOR BREAKFAST


1. Eggs in liquid

One of the most popular products among Americans.

Just buy a carton of liquid inside and scrambled eggs or an omelette is ready in a few moments.

Of course, it’s best to prepare them in a microwave (in stores there are plenty of containers for making omelettes and scrambled eggs in “microwave”) – 1 minute and ready.

We can buy both “whole eggs” and “whites”, often with the addition of preservatives.

The packaging contains exact instructions on how many spoons of liquid corresponds to 1 egg.

So far, I can not understand the phenomenon of this product.

Perhaps it’s about the convenience of not breaking the real shell egg ….



2. Hard boiled eggs

Closed in a vacuum bag, preserved and long shelf life.

In total, why cook eggs at home when you can buy them in the store …?

And most importantly, you do not have to bother with picking them 🙂



3. Frozen scrambled eggs on the bottom of a crust

One of more than a dozen options of “frozen breakfasts”

You only need a microwave and 1 minute!



4. Frozen breakfast burgers

As for me, an ordinary frozen burger, but with the addition of an egg-omelette from the liquid mentioned earlier.

Of course to “prepare” in the microwave at an express speed.



5. Turkey bacon

I always thought that bacon is made of pork.

Here we have the option “light” or low-fat.

The bag is also impressive – 1.33 kg



6. Ready to eat crepes with jam

Not only that we have fried, ready crepes, they are still spread with jam.

Each crepe is packed separately and enclosed in a foil.

I find them on a shelf with bread .

They don’t even require cooling.

Shelf life: several weeks.



7.Soft toast bread

One of the most popular breads in the USA.

Americans love it and eat it straight from the toaster.

Most often accompanied by peanut butter and jam. It’s most of popular!

And what about the composition?

Well, see for yourself – the list of ingredients speaks for itself.

Certainly not a healthy and natural product!



8. Hashbrown

Often from dried potato or frozen mass from choped potatoes.

This is one of the obligatory “breakfast dishes” that we meet not only in American’s Diner, but also in American homes.

Hashbrown is a little Polish potato pancake, with the difference that potatoes are grated on a coarse mesh.



9. Huge jar of peanut butter

America without peanut butter, I think it would be dead!

This is one of the beloved products that occupy an honorable place in the store.

The whole alley is peanut butter from various companies, creamy or with crunchy nuts, with different capacities.

Of course, the bigger the better, because here they are eaten in gigantic amounts.

I barely picked up the 4 LB (64 OZ) jar.

For butter to be “creamy”, are added vegetable oils.

The addition of sugar is also a frequent practice to give more “sweet” taste.


10. Complete pancakes mix

If anyone had a problem with mixing flour, sugar, baking powder with water, a giant size bucket is waiting on the shelf.

In total, why bother and complete the ingredients, how can you pay double for a ready mix.

And composed of: unbleached wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, vegetable oli and powdered buttermilk.

From this huge package, we can prepare up to 280 pancakes!




I hope you like the post and wait for the next one 🙂

Or maybe you have any suggestions or other interesting products that you met in an American grocery?

With great curiosity I will explore the subject 🙂

In the meantime, I’m preparing another note – this time, all the most popular snacks 😉

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