Barbecue season time!

Barbecue season time!

Vegan in the outdoors, that is the barbecue season in full!

May I say spring and first open meeting with friends and friends behind us.

Undeniably, the barbecue season started and will be popular until early autumn.

How to prepare to lightly, tastefully and healthily celebrate meals in the bosom of nature?

Ways and tricks are not so great, so rub your hands and start our grill feast in vegan tone.

Unquestionable favorites of any vegan-vegatarian feast are vegetables.

And they can not miss them in our outdoor menu. The variety and availability depends on the season, because the healthiest and most valuable are the fruits and vegetables we have access to in a particular place and climate, and those that are just “season”.


Why just vegetables are the perfect ingredient of barbecue dishes?

  1. Their heat treatment, in this case grilling does not take much time.
  2. During baking, they pick up the warming power and aroma, they are naturally sweeter.
  3. They can be a separate dish or perfectly complement each other as an addition to other grilled dishes.
  4. Grilling vegetables, we usually sprinkle them with different types of oils or oils, so we are sure that fat-soluble vitamins will be absorbed by our body. Especially provitamin A (in the form of beta carotene from red and orange vegetables) will be grateful for us 🙂
  5. Every time we can experiment and try other vegetables or make various combinations and variations on them.
  6. They are low-calorie, so without remorse we can reach for an extra;)

And what vegetables are best for grilling?

Cucumbers, courgettes, onions, corn cobs, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, peppers, leeks, asparagus, potatoes – both traditional “white” and sweet potatoes.
And what about protein source seekers?

Quietly, this is also the way 🙂

The most commonly used ingredient in wege-grill is tofu-derived soybeans in a variety of combinations and flavor variations.

On the market we have a choice between tofu completely natural and already with additives such as chilli, herbs or garlic. We can also meet smoked tofu, which is “smoky” and more expressive character.

I personally recommend tofu natural, because of the lack of extra aromas and unfortunately often preservatives. We can also freeze them in good quality oil or olive oil with fresh or dried herbs.

Delicious and natural!


A very healthy and interesting option is the use of tempeh – fermented soybean seeds, most commonly sold in the form of flat dice. Thanks to the fermentation process, soybeans become less digestible (the amount of oligosaccharides and phytic acid that cause gastrointestinal distress is reduced), and the nutrients contained in it are better absorbed.

Roasted and chopped in chickpeas is another full of protein.

Perfect as a supplement to light green lettuce, but also great for making a stuffing ingredient such as grilled peppers or sweet potato bolognese.

For this aromatic herbal sauce or tahini paste … for me a bomb!


Vegan steaks?

Yes, because of the oyster that has already tempted and conquered the heart of not one carnivore.

Sprinkled with your favorite herbs (such as a little bit of thyme or thyme), gently sprinkled with olive oil and rolled in chickpeas flour, your heart will rattle.

Following the blow we can also try the BBQ mushrooms steak!

We only need a self-made sauce – marinades based on dried plums, balsamic vinegar and smoked peppers and already!


Dips and sauces

Thanks to them, we have a “dot over and” because they twist and taste the dish.

The best are prepared from cold pressed vegetable oils (eg linseed, rye, walnuts, avocado oil) or virgin olive oil.

It is worth trying to prepare a dip of creamy avocado with expressive additions (eg garlic, hot pepper).

For this fresh bouquet of herbs – rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and to exacerbate the taste of chilli peppers, garlic and freshly ground pepper.

It is also worth giving some sourness – lime juice or lemon juice will work great, and a hint of sweetness in the form of honey, maple syrup, date or rice will emphasize the grilled taste of the dishes.

My favorite and at the same time a vitamin bomb are all sorts of hand-made pesto: basil, parsley, paprika, dried tomatoes … the variations and ideas are not so great.


I recommend full iron and vitamin C green pesto and pesto with roasted peppers.

Also prepared mustard prepared by yourself.

My last discovery is a mustard fig, which you can quickly prepare yourself, and in taste … phenomenal!

Mix good quality mustard (I use Dijon because it is sharp and suitable for grilled dishes) with apple juice, lemon juice and dried figs. Pride not only for the barbecue!


What else can we serve on a BBQ party?

  1. Grilled sweet potatoes marinated in olive oil with rosemary and smoked paprika


2. Rolled zucchini with tofu and pesto


3. Green asparagus marinated in aromatic oil


4. Vegan skewers with vegetables and tofu


5. Fresh vegetable salad, as an addition to grilled dishes


The ideas and possibilities are not so great, so in this place the entry ends …

but only for a moment, because it will be supplemented successively, and the rules on the grill-party will be “born” and show you regularly in the summer.
What do you say? 🙂

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